Questions for Set builders

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Jun 28, 2007
I have a question for you set builders, I am looking to become one But I can't figure out how to store my sets, how do you guys store yours?
Mine all go in boxes, except for my older, more expensive sets, which are in individual toploads. For me binders and pages are too expensive and take up too much room, but it would be nice.
Thanks guys! I think I am going to put my older sets (early 90's- early 00's) in boxes and my newer sets/ Sets with fewer cards in binders. I would like to hear more though!
I used to use binders, but took too much space and I never really looked at them.

1970-present I use penny sleeves on every card and them put them into white set boxes. I then label the end of each box so I can see what it is without opening it. Lot less room, but putting them into penny sleeves first can take time.

Pre 1970 all go into penny sleeves and then top loads. Then into the 3 row super shoebox size white box. Some of the really old sets you can use the 2 row box since there are fewer cards in the set.

I start the box when I decide to start the set, although I do not label the box till I am sure I have the right size box for the set. So the box can sit nearly empty for quite awhile or fill up fast depending on how quickly I acquire the cards.

Good luck
I have all of my Topps sets in regular boxes with a Phillies card fromm each set on the front so that I know what year the crads are from.
I store all of my sets in ***-ct boxes. When the set is complete I put a zipper bag over it and tape it closed so no air can get in or moisture. Those are stored in boxes put away and never looked at again.
Binders are too time consuming and expensive and take up space.
Most of my sets I keep in the *** count white boxes.
Some smaller more upscale sets, I keep in binders.

I also keep them in boxes. However, I usually trade them off after I build them. It's something about the adventure. Once the adventure is older, I'd prefer to look at it occasionally, then trade it off. Saving them seems weird, I guess. They are there, yet you never look at them, and can't display them. Cards are like mini-posters to me.

I will, however, change my stance as I complete these 99 Century Legends sets. I will keep them, and only either sell them as I reach old age, or pass them to my son, be he respectful and wise.
I only collect the base Topps set every year, including the insert sets. The current year goes into a binder. When the new cards come out, I put the old year into a 900 ct box and store these boxes in a waterproof storage tote.

I do this so that I can really appreciate and look at each card as I put it into the binder. Throughout the year, I look through it and have friends/family look through it if they are interested. When the new series 1 comes out, I replace the old with the new and get to enjoy them one last time before boxing them up for storage and/or for future reference.
Keep mine in 3,000 count boxes. Penny sleeves and into a top loader! Why the top loader....use to collection bowman chrome and the cards would curl if you did not use a top loader! Best regards, David
Completed sets I give away to my nieces and nephews,..I seal them in count boxes with tape so they can never open them,
My incomplete's I keep close,.checklists and a group stack,.and then hopefully I'll be able to find the set somewhere !!
My sets are all organized by year in 5000-count boxes. I leave a little bit of space in each row so I can pull out the boxes and browse through them. I'd do binders but that'd take up tons of space.
I like the binders, so I can easily go through them. I'm a bit

I only use black, Ultra Pro "Baseball" binders (or black, Ultra "Football" binders for my few sets of football) with Ultra Pro "Platinum" pages.

My base doubles are boxed by year/set/card # (i.e., 1989 Donruss Baseball, 1-500).

All of my inserts are currently in clear plastic 100 ct. boxes, divided by year for ease of access.