Random Acts of Kindness!

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Jun 22, 2003
southern ohio
Random Acts of Kindness
This is something in today society we just don't see much of anymore. I remember as a kid .I lived in a small town and people were always helping their neighbors. Well here at THE BENCH I see Random Acts of Kindness all the time. And its one of the many things I love about our site. So I decided to start this thread to let all of you who have experienced a Act such as this from a fellow trader. I know alot of the traders who do it ,dont do it for any accolades ,they do it because they love the hobby and the site. So if you have gotten something sent to you out of the clear blue ,and had no clue it was coming, share you experience with us. Looking for recent Random Acts Of Kindness. And a big Thank You to all who support our site daily.

I will start it off with someone who has done so much to help so many traders on this site and that would be hdjstuff .Duane has helped so many of us with our collection through the box breaks he does. He knows who I collect and has sent me some real nice stuff .Duane thank you so much for taking care of us traders. And thanks to Tim aka Tal for the great Rose cards. There are many others who have shown their kindness to me. You know who you are and I appericate you all.
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I thank all of the people that have sent me free cards that I put on my wantlist. Some nicer than others, but it's the thought that counts.
The_Quarter_Box (AKA Frank) Just sent me two SI magazines from the late 80's. One has a nice article and ad of Rickey Henderson. The other one is real special to me and my family. I would put some scans up, but that would ruin the surprise for my Benchie entry! ;)

Duane has sent me all kinds of Bradshaw cards, an unopened pack, and even a Sam Perkins Auto that I made a comment about...had no idea they just showed up...great guy...I've tried to talk him in to accepting something in return or at least letting me repay the postage, and he will have none of it...he deserves the highest level of kudos for being so generous...I really appreciate it.
Ah yes, there have been a number of generous members who have sent me things. One even still remains a mystery to me, although they may have told me they were sending something. Unfortunately my mind is failing me. It's not that I didn't appreciate everything that was sent my way, but I have had so many transactions over the years here and on ebay, they all start to blend together. I'm sorry to say I couldn't recognize everyone by name still.

I read in the past and continue to read about these acts and feel good to see it happening. Keep up the good work all.
I have received all kinds of help and free cards ever since I joined 'The Bench'. I never collected cards before I retired. My son had a bunch of cards from the late 80's and 90 stashed in my garage. I decided I would try to finish the sets.
My quest for that goal led me to 'The Bench', where with the help of all the kind members, I finished up all the sets. Many times with free cards.
In doing so I became a set collector and really enjoy the hobby.

Wow, where to begin for all the random acts of Kindess here.....

I guess a few Kudos to (in no particular order)

Chieftazmisty - for all he did getting us together for the Bench golf tourney and his generosity

Jflan702 - for taking care of us Benchies at GBSCC show this summer

Jack - for his genoristy in giving me the last card to fill a Ted williams set I had been working on for ages! Oh, yeah and for whipping me by 33 strokes at golf too!

There are so many others, You are not sligheted or forgotten, those three just jumped into my head when I read this thread!

I just wanted to give a BIG public THANK YOU to Mr. Tom " Random Acts of Kindness" Fullen "AKA chieftazmisty" for sending me an AWESOME package today! Tom sent me a Chicago Cubs, Fukudome Jersey/T-Shirt and a Dave Kingman 1980 Topps Super Card! It was a GREAT suprise! I couldn't believe it! One of the coolest packages I've ever received! Thanks buddy!

Thanks again Tom!
I too want to thank Mr Tom for a real nice Adam Dunn Shirt, and I got a little envelope for Duane today .Buddy you simply rock my friend thanks so much.
Thanks to dp33 for the free sea green Joe Mauer to finish my rainbow set of Joe Mauer! Thanks to feelgoodchicken for the free beige card for my beige set!! Thanks to Goedo11 for the four free beige cards for my beige set!! : )
There have been a few people that have sent me a Shaq they got in a lot off ebay or something and I needed that they didn't want, I know Dragonslayer was one of them and I forget the other 2 but still appreciate it just as much
I'd like to thank David K. for the great contests he always throws. Since I have joined I have won a Juan Gonzalez auto and a Josh Hamilton auto. Thanks alot for the contests!
This is a shout out to drpid
Stu gave me a great deal on a relic card of Old Crosley field in Cincinnati. The reason why this is so special to me is that my Dad us e to work there back in the 50s. He got to know alot of the players from both the Reds and Opposing teams. My dad worked for a company who delivered Sod for the field and he help lay it down. This card is a 09 Frank Robinson Topps Heritage Flashback Stadium Relics Seat card from Crosley. After I told Stu the story he gave me what I thought was a real nice deal on the card. So heres to you man I really apericate your kindness. And helping me obtain a little piece of my dad history. Randy
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This is a great thread! - I gotta give a shout to d2003ex
Dale - you rule, he is sending me a big stack of 09 spx base. free free d free.
the nearest card shop for me is 40 min away and with a full time job and 2 kids blah blah blah i rarely get to go there, all my card fun is done here.
and Im having a great time. - thanks to all.