Randy Johnson signing

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Oct 18, 2009
Just received this email from the good people at Mill Creek Sports here in WA. Apparently Randy Johnson will be holding a signing session there from 6-7:30 on April 11. They say they are accepting mail order. The prices are ridiculous but here is the information anyway.

$149 Basic Items
$179 Bats & Jerseys*
$49 Inscriptions
*Note- Randy will not sign jerseys unless they are already signed by at least 4 other people. (which is the strangest thing I've ever heard)

email:[email protected]

New Address as of April 1st:
Mill Creek Sports
15704 Mill Creek Blvd. #5
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 742-8500

Current address
Mill Creek Sports
1018 164th Street SE #A-26
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Not bad prices.....Barry Bonds had a signing in San Francisco about 5 years ago....I believe the basic card was about $200.00.. for his intials BBS. Best regards, David
I hope that a majority of the price stems from his appearance fee, but Mill Creek is not known for cheap prices. I wandered by when Pete Rose was signing a few years back and I think the minimum price was something like $70. Needless to say, I watched him sign a few things and then left.

A business wants to make a profit. A players time is valuable and I'm sure many would rather golf or do anything else but sit at a table surrounded by frenzied fans for a few hours, but it sure would be nice if a middle ground could be found, where the player is compensated, the business makes money and the fan can still meet a former or current star and obtain an autograph at a reasonable price.

Maybe I am out of touch with reasonable prices, but RJ is not worth $149 and $49 for an inscription is CRIMINAL! I wouldn't even pay $49 for his signature to begin with.
In a word...No.

I like Randy Johnson. I enjoyed watching Randy Johnson pitch. He was electrifying to watch. His sig is not worth $149, though. My reasoning? The market place. Please check out the link below for an example of a signed photo with PSA DNA authentication...


...and here's another example...


...and yet another example...


The first two examples are from offerings by Mill Creek Sports themselves, and the buy it now feature for the items are $90 less than the signing fee. I realize people want to see the athlete sign the item, and I don't blame the athlete or the company from wanting to make a profit, but that's ridiculously high. The last example is an earlier, and much rarer form of Johnson's sig, and is priced at $70 less than the signing fee. These are more in tune with what the market will bear for his sig today.

Sorry, Mill Creek. I plunked down $150 for a Joe DiMaggio signed ball 16-17 years ago and that was worth it to me then and now. As terrific a player as Johnson is, he's not DiMaggio.
Yeah, it's pretty obscene. I'm almost tempted to go just to see the turnout. I can't imagine ANYONE doling out that kind of bread on a guy that's been retired for one offseason and isn't even in the Hall yet.
Mill Creek and the Unit better hope some rich dopes are free that day.
those prices are about right.... Johnson's a former Expo, so I've been checking in on his signing prices now for a while... that's pretty much what it usually goes for.

One day I'll open my wallet and add him to the collection.
those prices are about right.... Johnson's a former Expo, so I've been checking in on his signing prices now for a while... that's pretty much what it usually goes for.

One day I'll open my wallet and add him to the collection.

I've seen signed balls selling at that range and a lot of times that's where promoters set the signing fee. However, that's what I've seen the signed balls selling for with the $20 PSA/DNA price tag included. Given that, the $149 to just sign an item is too high. Factor in the price of a ball and PSA/DNA authentication fees and you're looking at spending over $180 for a ball that may retail at $149. Personally, if I were you, I would plunk down the $80 for that PSA DNA authenticated RC card of Johnson, with his earlier sig. That would be a much better value and he's in an Expos uniform.

All that being said, if Johnson can get that fee, then that's what they are going to charge. Just remember YOU are the market place. You can choose to spend that kind of money, or not. If enough people choose to walk away from that price, guess what happens? Appearances get canceled. When enough appearances get canceled guess what the athlete and the agent do: they renegotiate fees.

Look, it wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. Remember when Goose Gossage made it to the Hall? He used to do TTM at no charge, and then he initiated a $25 signing fee. A lot of people were outraged and said so on this board and others. The player and his agent were monitoring the market place and then took quick action to reduce his fee. The same thing will happen with appearances if enough people just walk away from those high prices. It all starts and ends with YOU. You are the consumer and have the right to choose where and how much you spend to acquire an athletes signature.
Im just curious to know why anyone would pay an extra 60-70 bucks for a signature as suppose to buying a certified one? Is it to meet the player or actually see the signing of the item?
True Jim,

However there are enough people who either are not knowledgeable about the market and pay whatever the advertised price or just don't care because price is irrelevant to fulfill their needs/wants.

I bet if I swung by the shop, there would be a healthy line. More power to RJ and the shop.

I think I paid about $25-35 for my RJ certified card.