Rangers V. Orioles (Bleh)

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
I just got back from the Rangers and Orioles games this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and I'm going to leave my commentary on the games out of this post, but suffice it to say that the Rangers put on the single worst preformance I have ever seen in my entire life. Saturday was the Season Ticket Holder Picnic which included autographs and lunch. As we arrived we were given a wristband of a certain color and you had to go stand in that autograph line...but the catch was that they didn't tell anyone who was in the lines until you got up there. There were 8 autograph lines and all were supposed to have 1 star player, 2 other current players, and about 3 or 4 alumni. In my line was Julio Borbon, Tommy Hunter, Bengie Molina, Rich Billings, Claude Osteen, Frank Lucchesi, and Jim Sundberg...needless to say with all of the star power we have on this team I felt slighted by our "star player" which I supposed to be Julio Borbon. But I was happy to get both Borbon and Molina, who are both pretty hard to get. Here's the haul:

Matt Albers


Dave Anderson


Julio Borbon


Chris Davis


Frankie Francisco


Jeremy Guthrie


Mark Hendrickson


Adam Jones (I was really happy to get him. Cool guy!)


Kevin Millwood


Bengie Molina


Pedro Strop (He was one of two guys I needed to have everyone on the team this year. I'm really happy to cross him off the list. Now it's time to get Andres Blanco!)


Chris Tillman


Thanx for looking!
I think the O's were getting back at the Rangers for that 30-run drubbing a couple of seasons ago. Great pick ups, though. Congrats!
good to see ya again...glad jones signed...my nephew was glad to get him.
is Andres Blanco the only guy you are missing on the whole team? I have a certified Just card of him.... :) Also, have you ever gotten Millwood on a Braves card that you would want to let go of?

Yeah, Blanco is the only guy now that I got Strop. I hope to hound him until he finally signs my card and then my collection will be complete. :D

I don't have any Brave Millwood's that I want to part with now but if that changes you'll be the 1st to know.