Real or Fake? Need some insight

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Dec 23, 2012
Lexington, KY
So, I bought this card at a card shop in Louisville and absolutely fell in love, as Bo Jackson was always one of my absolute favorites growing up and even today. I am a sucker for those "what could have been" stories. Here is the card:


I've had several dealings with said dealer and know him to be reputable. But it almost seemed too good to be true. I paid $40 out the door which seemed like a modest gamble. I am not incredibly familiar with this set, so I did a quick search of eBay and saw no patches like it within the set, of any player. Which naturally led me to question the authenticity of this particular patch. I have been considering sending it to Beckett. Am I wasting my time? Did I get ripped? Any of you Patch experts out there, feel free to weigh in. Thanks.

I cannot offer anything as far as authenticity, also Beckett will NOT tell you if the patch is authentic. They will only grade the card, not the patch.
Are you sure it is numbered out of 489? That is a very high/weird number to be out of. Could it be #4/89?

It looks correct to me but I don't see a checklist anywhere on this product.

I think its fake, nothing serially #'d that high would have a patch like that. Also where it says "authentic game worn jersey", would say something different if it were real. I opened a box of that product and when I pulled patches it said "team logo patch". Also I pulled a laundry tag and it even said "laundry tag" underneath it. 99% sure its fake.
Yeah, it is numbered out of 489. It looks legit, but I don't have any older patches to compare it to. Most of the patches that I have are from the last 4 or 5 years. I guess if it is a fake, it is a pretty good one. I may still send it to Beckett to get an authentication grade, but either way I planned on keeping it. It would just be nice if it were authentic. Thanks for the replies and insight gentlemen.
I am learning about 95/5 being a replacement patch on a base jersey card. It was likely replaced at a time the team logo patches were selling like fire when it came out. There were a LOT of fake patches around back in 03-07 on ebay. My rule of thumb when acquiring multi-color patches like that is that if they aren't numbered to 25 of lower on-card, it's more than likely fake. Good rule of thumb.

This set was very popular in people removing the authentic game-used jersey piece + inserting a patch (like you have there) to increase its sale.


As you can see from a card I had years ago, the wording says "Authentic Game-Worn Jersey - Number Patch" and was #42/44. If you don't see that kind of wording on the front, that's the red flag that is as obvious as almost any off sides call. :p