Real or fake

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I will have to go with REAL!!

But it does look funny to me.. but it is a buyback I guess.. I hate them cards, they are so confusing!

That is fake. The guy is a ripoff. I bought one of his 2006 Bowman Originals Pujols, and it was fake. The stickers are redone. Take a look at what he sells, tons and tons of Bowman Originals buybacks. He is a crook, and it cost me $$$$ to get a majority of my money back. AVOID!

He has gotten to the point now that he only runs a few of the "buybacks" at a time. But does them over and over. Go back through his feedback and you will see. I save most of them, presented it to paypal, and got most of my money back. I also spoke with Beckett regarding the card I had, and they said no on it. He got sloppy and used a card that wasn't even produced for the originals, yet was a Pujols buyback and in the case. The stickers weren't tight, and the numbering on it looked like all the other numbering on the cards he had for sale. Just ironic. Even for different years.
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Beckett has no listing for a 2006 originals/2005 bowman heritage buyback auto.

But Beckett checklists aren't always right.

I don't know.
This card isn't even a choice for the 06 Bowman Origninals -

Hence, it sold for $29.99
Who in their right mind would sell an Albert auto for $29.99

Arod 1/1 Originals -

Yet another Pujols (right card this time) #07 -

#12 -

And I had another half dozen of ended ones, but they no longer show details as they are over 90 days old.
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And I seen this site pointed out once before, and if I remember correctly when I was looking at the one I had, the stickers were something that was similar that I saw here:

I now refuse to buy any of the "buyback" Originals. Too many fakers out there sealing up even wrong cards with the stickers they buy from above. And people buy them just because the sticker says authentic, or original, such. And if it is shiny it will show if it was pried open is the thought. Well, unsuspecting people take whatever sticker is on there as legit. If it has a holo-sticker that is tamperproof (Upper Deck), and says authentic, it must be legit.