real or reprint.

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Apr 18, 2006
naugatuck CT
the questions is pretty simple do you think this card is a real 1954 topps ernie banks rc or a reprint? im considering taking a chance on it if i can get it for a good price but i want your opinions on wether this is real or a reprint before i buy it then spend the money to have it authenticated and graded. its got some wear on it but we all know that means nothing. its not hard to take a reprint and put some creases and wear on it and sell it as real. another thing that makes me lean towards real is how badly miscut it is. i know you see that more with older cards but again i know newer cards can be miscut so that means nothing as well. so do you guys think its real or a reprint and if so why do you think its that way? thanks guys i really appreciate the help.

sorry these are the best pictures i can get right now