Really upset with UD for the first time in a while

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Ellis Shoe

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Jul 24, 2006
Ridgeland, MS
Hey guys, some of you may or may not remember me pulling this redemption last year:
2008 MLB UPPER DECK BALLPARK COLLECTION DUAL SWATCH MEMORABILIA AUTOGRAPHS NO #ING CD # 189 Athlete committed to signing soon, please be patient. 2/13/2009
Well I have been calling every few months checking the status. They told me the first of December that the autos were obtained and the card was initially damaged in production and that it was in the process of being reprinted and to check back after the first of the year. I just called and the guy says oh well due to some problems it isnt going to be made, and we were waiting on you to call to tell us guys to replace it with.

So, my question is how is it that its being made 4 weeks ago, to now non existent?
I'm glad UD lost their license. I pulled a Melvin Mora auto/ jersey from 08 Ballpark last XMas and immediately redeemed it at my local cardshop, an authorized UD dealer/ redemption center. I requested a replacement in August. I still have yet to receive anything. It's Melvin Mora for goodness sakes. I would take anythuing as a replacement. I can't even get what I paid for. I sincerely hope Topps stops all redemptions next year.

I've never liked UD and I never will.

When I was a kid growing up in the 70's it was Topps and only Topps. I'm glad that MLB collecting has come full circle back to the way it was.
Sorry that you've had to deal with that. This makes me nervous about my 08 Masterpieces Griffey & Victor Martinez autos that I need for my set. The 08 Masterpieces product was released in August of 2008. I redeemed the Griffey in November of 08. For almost a year they told me "it will be signed soon". Then I ask what the hold up is this past fall and they told me that the Griffey was lost. Now they say that they are re-making it.

I've been asking for months about the Victor Martinez auto status, but keep getting the "I'll check with the redemption manager and will email you within a couple of days". I have yet to receive an email.

In one of my most recent calls, I have had to resort to contacting Richard McWilliam or the BBB for non-delivery of goods. Someone needs to get things straight there.

Sorry for the long read. Please keep us updated!

Yeah so whats the deal? Upper Deck just can't print anything from the Majors any more? I mean I like that fact that it's just Topps like it used to be... but can any monopoly really be a good thing?

They can't use MLB logos, but they can produce cards of the players. The one good thing is that we'll be able to get PETE ROSE cards again.
So they'll have to photo'chop out team logo's and such? Or maybe just issue head shots. Like the Studio cards from the early nineties that were popular for an afternoon...
I would think that since its a product that was already released, they could still reproduce a damaged set since it was released before the licencing issue.
I agree that I doubt the licensing agreement impacts cards from a previously released set. While my UD horror story is not a redemption, it is quite frankly an astonishing one.

I bought a case of 07 Masterpieces and contacted them via e-mail shortly after opening it to find out how to tell the difference between all of the oddly-named parallel sets. After 7 months and dozens of e-mails, including one to Richard McWilliams, back and forth with several different managers and CS reps I received the following response:

"I apologize for the long delay, as we have tried every avenue in trying to get your answers that you requested. No one seems to have an answer for you to be honest."

Turns out the guy who came up with parallel set names left the company, and believe or not, there is no record of which set is which. Now, I've had some very good customer service interactions with them about other issues prior to this, but I can't believe that any company could be so disorganized as to not know details about a product they produced.
Sorry to hear your not getting your dual auto card! Would be an awesome card! 1990's it was Thomas andd Griffey jr. going head to head! Best regards, David
Wouldn't this in a sense ruin some guys contracts with UD. I'm pretty sure that some players had exclusive autograph contracts with UD.
Redemption cards are a nightmare. I find it hard to buy any given the problems I've had over the years starting back in 2004 with the Fleer Greats. What a release to start a master set on. There must have been close to 10 HOFer redemption autographs which were never redeemed...and some of the junk they sent instead...I must really love collecting to still be at it.
Wow- that would be an awesome card!! Stinks that they aren't going to be produced. Hope they send you some really nice stuff as replacement!
I would think that since its a product that was already released, they could still reproduce a damaged set since it was released before the licencing issue.

I hate to bring a dead thread to life, but I just spoke with UD about my redemptions from the 08 Masterpieces Stroke of Genius auto set. They have been telling me for months that the Griffey was being re-produced.

The UD rep told me that since they don't have the MLB license any more, the Griffey will not be produced. I'll wait on the Martinez, though. Can anyone with a contact there verify this? I'd hate to get a replacement, then have them produce the card and my set not be complete.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with a website called The Consumerist, but this possibly could be a good way to get some research done. Most of the time someone contacts them with a problem they are having with a company and this can bring attention and possibily a resolution to the problem (I doubt it with UD, but it might be worth a shot). Just a suggestion.


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