Recent Pickup Thread September 2009

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I got these sometime not long ago, but since I don't collect either guy, I'd be looking to trade them soon.
(Sorry about the blurry pics!):eek:

Manny Ramirez, Boston Red Sox, Topps Turkey Red Authentic Game-Worn Uniform:

Tony Romo 2003 Sweet Spot GOLD #143 (Serial #'d 8/25!)


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I could have sworn i posted this in that thread!:confused: How did this happen? Sorry for any confusion!:eek:

You did...I moved your post to a new thread...we start a new thread each month to keep the threads from getting too long (for the sake of the site's bandwidth) :).


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Have been doing some selling for paypal and have found some deals on ebay and made some great trades

My first Oswalt 1/1 - Thank you pmknox!!

Love these-white spot was on scanner I guess-card perfect

Thanks for the look. Have more incoming from ebay.


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The latest pick up for my Red Sox auto collection:

Not the most favorite of Sox managers but for the price I could not pass it up.




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Super! I'm happy for you Ed.:)

Was that the eBay auction where you asked if the scan looked very bronze? Certainly looks very silver now. :D

Indeed!!! It was actually the second one he listed. I did not have any money the first time around and though I blew my chance for good. But then the next day, DING, another listing.

I plan on launching an Alvin Davis site around the new year, currently I'm about 10% done with it, and I felt like I needed this card to solidify my AD collection as the best around. I do still have to add, I'm embarrassed to admit, both SLUs. I just need to find the right ones.


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Completed the Braun Topps/ Topps Chrome rainbow (except for the 1/1s)
2009 Topps 240a (1.25)
2009 Topps Target 240 (1.5)
2009 Topps Wal Mart Black Border 240 (1.5)
2009 Topps Black 240 (30) #37/58
2009 Topps Gold Border 240 (6) #0803/2009
2009 Topps Silk Collection S30 (30) #12/50
2009 Topps Chrome 75 (1.5)
2009 Topps Chrome Printing Plates Magenta 75 (N/A) #1/1
2009 Topps Chrome Refractors 75 (4)
2009 Topps Chrome Refractors Blue 75 (10) #019/199
2009 Topps Chrome Gold Refractors 75 (15) #28/50
2009 Topps Chrome Refractors Red 75 (N/A) #24/25
2009 Topps Chrome X-Fractors 75 (N/A)


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