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Nov 4, 2009
As things have slowed a bit, I wanted to update my last couple of weeks. I really have not sent out many TTM requests lately but hopefully i will send a handful out this week...Watched a lot of baseball recently but have not really graphed much and turned down a request from Billy Martin Jr. to pitch an inning or so in his adult baseball league..(told him my arm would probably fall off!! :)

TTM successes

Cloyd Boyer 1/1
Larry Dierker 3/3
Ryan Zimmerman 1/2
(nice success, sent to house in VA)
Dustin Ackley NCAA Ball SS with "All-American UNC" on it. My nephew got this a couple of days ago and was extremely stoked


IP from UTA v DBU
Ryan Enos-DBU product that should be drafted...

Today I went to the Trey Hillman jersey retirement ceremony at UTA. Great guy. UTA also honored current KC coaches and former UTA products Dave Owen and Steve Foster. I think I was the only person asking for autos. Got all three before they had to run to the game tonight.

Dave Owen 3/3
Steve Foster 5/5
Trey Hillman 4/4

Team card signed by all 3 and one of the hillman's for Darrell(thehalk)

thanks for reading!!!
Nice. Love the Ackley and Zimm. I had a Zimm success c/o Nats a couple years back. Glad to see your success!'s nice to see some of the top prospects and bigger names still sign these days. i have already heard buster posey and madison bumgarner are sending out too busy to sign letters and while of course that is their prerogative, i need to make sure i concentrate on some of the bigger double a prospects(like ACK) and get them before they get swamped with too much mail. (especially the position players)....
Thanks for getting those done for me chris, they look great! Big thanks man