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As things have slowed a bit, I wanted to update my last couple of weeks. I really have not sent out many TTM requests lately but hopefully i will send a handful out this week...Watched a lot of baseball recently but have not really graphed much and turned down a request from Billy Martin Jr. to pitch an inning or so in his adult baseball league..(told him my arm would probably fall off!! :)

TTM successes

Cloyd Boyer 1/1
Larry Dierker 3/3
Ryan Zimmerman 1/2
(nice success, sent to house in VA)
Dustin Ackley NCAA Ball SS with "All-American UNC" on it. My nephew got this a couple of days ago and was extremely stoked


IP from UTA v DBU
Ryan Enos-DBU product that should be drafted...

Today I went to the Trey Hillman jersey retirement ceremony at UTA. Great guy. UTA also honored current KC coaches and former UTA products Dave Owen and Steve Foster. I think I was the only person asking for autos. Got all three before they had to run to the game tonight.

Dave Owen 3/3
Steve Foster 5/5
Trey Hillman 4/4

Team card signed by all 3 and one of the hillman's for Darrell(thehalk)

thanks for reading!!!


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Nice. Love the Ackley and Zimm. I had a Zimm success c/o Nats a couple years back. Glad to see your success!


5.00 star(s)'s nice to see some of the top prospects and bigger names still sign these days. i have already heard buster posey and madison bumgarner are sending out too busy to sign letters and while of course that is their prerogative, i need to make sure i concentrate on some of the bigger double a prospects(like ACK) and get them before they get swamped with too much mail. (especially the position players)....