Recent Successes

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Dec 30, 2008
Grayson, KY
Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great day. I have received the following successes in the past few days. All addresses have been added to TTM Database unless noted. Good luck to a rest of the week, Pat.

Buddy Gilbert
Sent: 12-1-09
Back: 12-7-09
Signed '60 Topps + 2 index cards and kept 1 '60 Topps as offered. Answered questions, wrote a nice note and returned the $5 I sent for his time. Great return!

Rudy Minarcin
Sent: 11-30-09
Back: 12-5-09
Signed a '56 Topps + 2 index cards and answered questions.

Jim O'Toole
Sent: 11-30-09
Back: 12-7-09
Signed '60 Topps + index card

Nick Hostetler
Sent: 11-25-09
Back: 12-7-09
Signed business card and wrote me a nice note on White Sox stationary. Used a White Sox envelope and returned my SASE! Class act all the way.

I also got a signed business card from former Attorney General John Ashcroft and a signed business card and $1 bill from former Treasurery Sec. Henry Paulson.
Got a return from Don Young @ Scottsdale, AZ address that he is not the baseball player Don Young, but was nice enough to send my card back. Also got the dreaded empty sase and guess which one I forgot to put the players name in :( ?!?!?! Valuable lesson learned for sure!!
Wow, nice successes! I'd love to see some pictures if you have the opportunity to post some of them up :D.