RedHawks V. Cubs IP

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys
I went to the RedHawks and Iowa Cubs games on Saturday and Sunday. I got some what I consider to be major scores. Here's the haul:

Michael Ballard


Omar Beltre


Brandon Boggs


Matt Brown


Geoff Geary


Craig Gentry


Rich Harden (He told me that he had never seen the card on the left before which is strange since it was a Donruss Stusio 2005. Lol.) The one on the right is for Javier.


Micah Hoffpauir


Gregorio Petit


Zach Phillips (one can be FT if anyone needs him)


Elizardo Ramirez


Kevin Richardson


HOF Ryne Sandberg


Tanner Scheppers


Pedro Strop


OU Football Standout Gerald McCoy was also at the game. He was really awesome. I asked him to sign the sweet spot of a baseball and then had to show him where it was. Lol. We both got a nice chuckle out of that.


The game on Sunday was excellent. The RedHawks won 17-4. Jarrod Saltalamacchia nearly hit for the cycle...well he did hit for the cycle...briefly...the ump called a monster home run he hit fair and then let the other umps change his mind. Salty later struck out but finished with 2 singles, a double, and a triple. They even waited to change it until after everyone was back in the dugout. Kinda sad actually...

Then i also got this in while i was away...

Carl Erskine 2/2/o Home in 39 days (#25 for my Legends set. Added the requested inscriptions of "2 No-Hitters" and added dates and "1955 World Series Champions.")


Thanx for looking!
Arron was sandberg mobbed or were there many people trying to get him?? was thinking of going to round rock to get him but not sure i will be able to..
Oh yeah. There were tons of people there and almost everyone of them was in his line. It was crazy. i thought that there was no way I would be able to get him but I guess I lucked out and he signed for almost everyone before he quit.
I too love the Sandberg... good choice on the DK card.

Funny story about Harden commenting on a card he'd never seen before.... It reminded me of an IP signing by Eric Montross waaaayyyyy back when he was with the Boston Celtics. I had a '94 Fleer Flair insert and he was like "Oh, wow! I've never seen this before!" and I told him he could have it and he was kinda all like "No. That's okay" --- but, I could tell he wanted it, but he didn't want to accept a card from a 14 year-old when he was a millionare NBA player.
Thanx guys!

Lol. That's a great story. I've had it happen a few other times to me with Kevin Mench, Josh Hamilton and Jason Jennings. Jennings even asked me "Where do you get these cards?" It makes you feel kind of good that you had something fresh for them to signinstead of the same old same old.

Andrew - I'll check your bucket and LUK.