Reggie Smith Success ... Sort Of

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Mar 21, 2006
New Hampshire
Today my father found an picture in his attic ... an old signed photograph of my grandfather, Reggie Smith, and a third person.

My grandfather worked at Carling Brewery in Natick, MA for many years. There is a memo with the photo from the plant manager with the date of January 1968 on the photo. This picture was likely taken after the completion of the Red Sox amazing 1967 World Series season.

My question ... I wonder if the third person in the photo is also a member of the '67 Red Sox? He is dressed sharply like Reggie and has the same type of ring on his finger.

(...and, yes, my grandfather has the same nickname as me... :) )

Now that is a great find! Reggie has a terrific sig! Still can't believe the Sox traded him away.
Thanks for the replies! Last night I sent an e-mail to Bill Nowlin who wrote a book on the '67 Red Sox. He said he's going to send the photo along to some colleagues to see if the mystery man in the photo is a Red Sox player or just the Carling Brewery plant manager.
I received a reply from author Bill Nowlin. He sent the image to Red Sox team historian Dick Bresciani who has been with Boston since '72. Unfortunately Dick could not recognize the third person in the photo.

Jim - I think you're probably right. Chances are it's the guy who drove Reggie to the brewery.