Revamped the old buckett

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Aug 9, 2003
Elizabethtown, KY
I know how much of a hassel it is when you go to someones buckett and all they have are little pictures with no item description. I almost hate to say it but I pretty much just close the link and don't bother because it is too much trouble; especially if there are wild backgrounds. With that, I spent the better part of today going through my trade pages making sure every scan had an item description. Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone searching for something in particular. Feel free to check out the link and rev up the trade engines;)

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I found your absolute jumbos with no problem before I realized it was your photobucket. ;) It does look a lot nicer now. It's hard enough for me to upload scans in the first place, lol. My excuse is that the scans should speak for themselves. :D

It is strange, some scans come out much nicer than others. If you have multiple cards in a scan it is harder to tell without opening up the pic so the description helps a lot. I try to just do one card per scan but when I first uploaded them I was in a rush to get it done before I deployed to Iraq. I still need to go through my PC and fix things a bit but that is another story.

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