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Nov 4, 2009
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We had a few IP and TTM successes today and my nephew had a blast...Went to UTA/Missouri St last night(cold as balls 38 degrees with some wind) and while we didnt stay for any autographs, we did see a college game that went 14 innings with a 1-0 final. The UTA starting pitcher lost his no hitter with 2 out in the top of the ninth and K'd 18(school and conference records). The Missouri State starter (Aaron Meade) went 6 IP with 1 hit and then their relief pitcher went 7 IP with 5 hits. UTA scored in the bottom of the 14th to win 1-0. 43 total punchouts in that game...

Anyway I went again today(beautiful weather about 70 or so) and saw another great game that ended with a walk-off three run bomb as UTA won 9-6. Two evenly matched teams...(neither are that great but it was still a great game)..

Afterwards, Aaron Meade(former Yankee draft pick, Cape Cod League All-Star and first team all MWC) signed 6 customs that Arron made(I'll send you 2 Arron, thanks again!!). I gave him 6 to keep....

Michael Choice signed 4 cards as well......3 are jersey cards


Jack Lazorko signed 3/4 and included his own 4x6 personalized to my nephew as well as the following index card...
"Throw strikes!!Let your defense work for you. Have fun playing baseball, it's just a game!!"

Also 2 Spring training success

Kevin Slowey signed 1/2 (personalized)
Fu-Te Ni signed 2/2

thanks for reading!!!
great pick ups congrats!!!! that first game sounds like it was a lot of fun to watch....
Any extra Meade cards?

I just won a Choice GU card on Ebay, can I send it to you to get signed for me?

yes, send it to me and i'll get it signed for you....i think i have an extra Meade i can send too.. :)