Scobes' 2009 Custom Cards Hockey TTMS


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Hey Everyone -

I started TTMing back in March of this year and I only did Hockey for the 1st 3 months. And when I did, I made these custom cards modelled off of 1959 Topps baseball. Ultimately, I switched my TTM focus to Custom Index Cards to Baseball and Football, although I do send out the occasional Hockey TTM. I stopped making these custom cards because they were time-consuming and the quality just wasn't that great (and I'm not that gifted to do the advanced customs I have seen on other boards). So I switched to a custom index card that is very easy to make and, honestly, I think I like the look of better.

Anyways, point being that this set is pretty much complete in that I am not making anymore of these and most of the ones I've sent out have been returned. There are a few more TTMs out there that may eventually return and I have a few more Hurricanes that I'll try to get signed IP, so a few more may creep in.

So without further adieu, I present to you 2009 Scobes Signature Series!!

Enjoy the show!

Scobes :)