Sheffield Card question

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They always have, sell it now, because eventually the popularity will demish.
Going back to the 1999 series.
It's a major game-used insert of a long-standing elite-level club. Unlike most GU, it's not mass-produced. The 500 HR Club inserts all book over $100+ and most push toward $200+ book.
thats an ongoing series that UD has been running for years and keeps updating every year...a lot of people are collecting the set...they are hot when the new ones come out, so if you don't need it, sell it now because as they show up and more get out the price will drop off big time.
Hey guys, just found out the BV is out on this and it actually books for 150...I am blown away personally. I never would have guessed lol
Yes, you want to sell that thing asap. These were traditionally produced to only 350 copies until the year manny, thomas, and thome came out. With that said, we may not know how many of the sheffields were produced, but with the quantity that has shown up on ebay, I wouldn't count on it going up anytime soon.
Good sale. I've paid less than that for several of the 1999 cards.