Signs The Hobby Has Permeated Your Daily Life

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Oct 8, 2009
Hey there Benchies. So it's been a little over 6 months that I got back into the hobby intensely. And I'm know starting to notice the little aspects of it get into my daily life. Like today, I was sitting in the post office waiting in line and I'm kind of staring off mindlessly at the "Please Do Not Place Children On The Counter." sign shaped rectangularly. And my mind immediately noticed the "off-centered" outline, looking at it as at least a 70/30 if not worse. Did the same thing when I went out to eat with a fifty dollar bill. Yeah I'm sure most of you have all discussed it before, just thought it was funny and made me think "Yeah, you're addicted to these bad boys."
I doubt I am the only one, at least I really hope not, but I have had baseball cards in my dreams before:)
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This must be very common between sports card collectors. I was sad when I saw a crease in the lamination of my license because I was comparing it to a Topps finest card with the protector on it that was perfect.

I have also had sports card dreams.....wierd.
I often check out the fruit at the supermarket and If theres any ding or marks on them......I say to myself....that's not mint..only near mint! Best regards, David
This reminds me of my first week as a teacher.......after the first week, I went to the mall that weekend. I literally caught myself before I told an elderly couple to "walk on the third block"!:)

Not only do I sometimes dream about cards, but after I do a good merchandising on a set at work, I think what it might 'grade' at.

ya ive had dreams of pullin a babe cut auto before....but that dream will probly come true some day ;) haha