Site down for Maintenance

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Sep 30, 2002
New Jersey
The forums will be turned off during this period.

We hope to be back up shortly.

Crossing fingers that everything migrated over to the new server.

Folks we ran out of HD space on our old server and instead of purchasing more space I opted to move to a new server (same host). This along with the birth of our first child and having to be at the hospital the last couple of days with my daughter, made for a longer period of down time for the site.


I do know that the forums button on the home page doesn't bring you to the forums. We will look at that, along with the error message on the top of the home page screen.
Thanks for the hard work..And congrats on the New Baby it is the best thing that will ever Happen to you..Hope the baby is doing well
yay, thank you thank you thank you.
i almost NEED to see that familiar bench site when i open up firefox. have it set as my homepage. when I didn't see it come up at work, I was depressed...I actually had to WORK?!
Thanks Peter. you Rule!
Congratulations on your new addition!! Your baby will bring you so much happiness :)

Thanks for the hard work getting the site back up...didnt realize how much I enjoyed being here....until I couldnt get here!
Thanks for all your hard work. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Glad to be back as well.