Someone who knows excel spreadsheets

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Jul 6, 2010
Plano, TX
Isnt there a way for me to post like a link to an excel spreadsheet?? Ive started listing my needs list on excel & I would like to message someone with a link they can just click that opens it up for them, or maybe even put it in a post? HELP!!
I don't think you can simply post it as an attachment here. You'll need to attach it in a website (i.e., google sites) then post the link.
Chief Wahoo is right. If you look at my www you can see my Red Sox excel spreadsheet. Every month or so when I get around to updating it, I just upload the newest version to my site.

If you sign up for Google Docs you can upload your spreadsheet to their websites and make it viewable to the public. You can then email a link to that spreadsheet. I'm currently redoing my want lists and uploading them to google docs. Here is the link to one of my want lists:

edit: After you upload the original you can either edit it directly on the google docs site or upload the updated excel file and delete the old one.