sort of confused here

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Feb 9, 2008
long island
It might sound like a dumb question but does 20 Bench points mean i have completed 20 trades? If i am wrong can someone please tell me how this point system then works. Thanks a lot
You keep the MSF Avatar until you reach 20 trades, but if your Trader Rating falls below 5.0, then you still have it until you get up to 5.0. You have very few trades right now, so it wont take long to get that rating up.

Just make sure that the cards you are sending out are

1.) In good condition
2.) You mail them out promtly or on a agreed upon date with the other trader
3.) Keep the communication going and reply back to the other traders promptly if possible.

When in doubt about any trade you have in works, ask the other trader you are working a deal with or ask a MOD for help.

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To lose the Must Send First avatar a new member must complete 20 trades with 20 DIFFERENT members with a 5.0 trader rating. Any other questions please ask.