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Apr 9, 2004
Mundelein, IL
I use to be a member here but took some time off from collecting and no longer am.

Kind of an odd question but I was wondering if someone would be willing to let me borrow their login information for a short time to do some ttm research. I would normally just buy the subscription but I go back to college on 1/17 and it would be a waste.

Obviously I would just use it to view the forums and would not post any posts or messages to anyone. I know that requires a lot of trust but look at my info here I'm flawless and really dont want to screw anyone over anyway.

So if you can help me out shoot me a pm. Maybe I can help you someway or at least send some cards of your favorite player your way. Thanks in advance. Chris
there is a very similar post already. There are many sites that give free addys, Im sure you can find what you are looking for with a bit of searching. I dont use the site your asking about at all, nor do I pay for any of my addresses. Try typing players name followed by TTM address into google if necessary, or try the other websites that have a free TTM database like thebench has.
Good advice. To be honest I wanted to use the website for more than just the addresses. I wanted to see who has been signing lately as well as which Hofers have fees.