spring training advice?

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Jan 5, 2010
chula vista
im going for a few days in march. will mostly be there to get padres. when do the practices start? i heard you can get some while they walk into the stadium for practice. when would the players start to arrive there?

for the most part you can get them at different times during the day , you just have to be in the right spot at the right time . I get when they start arriving 6.30 am , to and from work outs , if they have a game before and after , aand when they are leaving 5.00 pm . This in Florida I am sure out west is the same . Brian
My son and I go to Diablo Stadium every year and take in a few Angel games. We do quite well with on the card autos. We also have some nice sweet spot autos on a MLB ball (Ichiro, P. Fielder, K.Gibson among others)

So here’s some random advice:

Go to the practice fields early and see who you can find. Most clubs have a few practice fields at their facility. This is a good place to find Prospects.

Load up with cards of the team’s players you are going to see.

If you can, find out where the Team bus unloads to the facility, this can be a good spot for autos. Generally there isn’t much of a crowd here.

Keep your eyes open and just look around the field and go where the action is…..this is hard work. LoL!

When the starters leave the game early, they may sign while exiting to the clubhouse.

Be courteous, this seems to work for my son. I mean say something nice. Ya might get in a conversation. One time my son got a signed practice ball from Scott Shields because he said nothing. Ya. Scott walks up to him in the stands, along the rail, and says he’s giving him the ball because he's the only one not yelling
“ Hey …..over here” or “ Hey, can I have a ball…..Come on man”.

Find out where the Tunnel to the clubhouse is. Many time Players will walk in and out during the pregame practice.

That’s all I can think of for now. Good Luck! And have FuN!!

Paul and Cameron (son)