Spring Training DAy 3- Nationals

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5.00 star(s)
Jan 10, 2009
Statesville, NC
Day three in Florida and time to hit my favorite spot: Washington Nationals

It is so open and the players have to walk a couple of blocks to get to the practice that they have to walk past you and can't hardly turn you down.


Matt Capps 3/3
Jerry Owens 2/2
Garrett Mock 1/1
Miguel Batista 1/1
Jason Bergmann 1/1
Rick Schu 1/1
Brian Bruney 1/1
Eddie Guardado 2/2 (he wasn't happy with Stephen Strasburg for taking a golf cart back instead. More on that later)
Colin Balester 2/2
Shairon Martis 3/3
Nyjer Morgan 2/2 (Couldn't believe that i had seen him in Hickory years ago.)
Mike Morse 2/2
J. D. Martin 1/1
Aaron Thompson 1/1
Ryan Speier 1/1
Doug Slaten 3/3
Drew Storen 1/1
Craig Stammen 1/1
Ian Desmond 1/1
John Lannan 1/1
Steve McCatty 1/1
Logan Kensing 1/1
John McLaren 1/1
Josh Whitesell 1/1
Ron Villone 1/1

and finally

Ivan Rodriquez 1/1 (he formed one line and as long as no one tried to cut line and get a second auto, he signed for everyone before going back in a golf cart)

Stephen Strasburg
(everyone was in line for a nice smooth one per. But then some decided to crowd at the front and then he argued with one person that he claimed had gotten him many times before. He got mad, got in the golf cart at the insistence of the Nationals workers and rode back to the clubhouse. that is when Guardado yelled at him about walking instead of riding. As guardado said later, just because he makes $15 million he hadn't done anything to deserve the special privilege. But that is the way the Nationals act when they have a special player. They did this same thing last year with dunn and Milledge. You wonder how the other players feel about the way some are treated and others have to walk. Even Riggleman walked.

Tomorrow I'll finish up with another trip back to Viera and then leave for home around 10:00

Sounds like it is getting crazy in Viera. I better get over there before Strasburg quits signing all together.
congrats, I had no clue Chien-Ming **** signed with them until I just looked up the Nationals to see if Dmitri Young was still with them
Yeh, **** has signed but with the pitchers and catchers in camp, there was no sign of him out on the field. I don't know if he is rehabbing or not.
I'd call that a very excellent day. I have a weakness for Ivan Rodriguez as he was the one man who believed in the Tigers (free agent wise) when nobody else did. A few years later and we were World Series contenders!

I will try to get to see those Nationals in Detroit (June 15-17) if I'm able to. I give your work 4 out of 5 baseballs (because Strasburg is a jerk and would have made it 5 that way).