Star players & commons.

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Sep 19, 2006
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Sandy, OR
Hello everyone.

For my personal collection I am trying to seperate all of the star players from the common players. I am looking for a good way to do this.

I thought about using Beckett as a guide. For example any player who is a minor card or higher in their last regular issued set would make the "star" list, and any player who is a common for their final card would be in the "common" list. However, if I do it this way then such players like Gary Sheffield would be a common player, who is not in my opinion.

Then I thought about going by statistics. For example a player with 300 HR's, or 1,500 RBI's, or 200 Wins, etc. might be a better way to go.

So, if going by statistics where do I make the cutoff for the major categories?

Several years ago I had a Beckett magazine that listed requirements for players becoming Minor, Semi, Unlisted, and Listed players based on career stats. I no longer have the Beckett of course.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a good way to go about this? I know I am not the only person who has this idea.

Let me know. Thanks.
If you do it for trade purposes, it would be difficult, because people have different views on who is a minor star, etc.
If you do it for personal collection reasons, anyway you do it would be the correct way, because it's for you own collection.
I guess I'm saying, it wouldn't make any difference what others suggest, because it would be for your use.
Something I did for a friend a while back was take the "header" info from the base Topps sets on Beckett OPG and figure out which players fell into which category:

2010 Topps Base
COMMON CARD (1-660) $0.15 $0.40
MINOR STARS $0.15 $0.40
SEMISTARS $0.25 $0.60
UNLISTED STARS $0.40 $1.00
COMMON RC (1-660) $0.25 $0.60

Based on the above, you can see here:

what category each player would be in. You could generalize each player and use the categories for all other years, too.
People collect so many different players, or are team collectors, that I stopped sorting my cards the way you mentioned. Now I am just making a list for each player by last name--would've been a good idea if I did not have so many cards!:rolleyes:
I had an old beckett that still listed professional players (not prospects) in the semi-Star, minor Star and unlisted star categories that I put into an excel spreadsheet. I don't have them broken up by category since I was putting these star cards into monster boxes alphabetically. I'd be happy to email it to you. PM me with your address and I will get it out to you.