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Just wondering if anyone else has been using Starstock at all?

To give an idea of what it is - they only accept rookie cards and filter out a lot of the non-mainline brands (Archives, SC, etc.). They call it the Stock Market for Cards but it has some similarities to COMC. They grade the card using A, B, and C values, so you know what to expect. The A level is supposed to be like a PSA 9 or 10 and the B is a PSA 8 or better. Really easy site to use and has some neat details - you can check stats of a player for instance.

I sent in a bunch of stuff I had sitting around in December and have sold through 90-95% of it to this point. I sent some more in earlier this month but they have been overwhelmed by submissions and the turnaround time has pretty much gone up to 2-3X what they started at.

They have a referral program, so if you sign up and want to get $10 free, let me know and I'll tell you my user name.