Steve Vai CD in today


5.00 star(s)
From for $11 with the CD and Auto...I love this palce!


also had this arrive today...and I'll tell you what...this is the last one I needed to finish out the Press Pass set of Bradshaw cards...and it has taken me 2+ years to find this thing...I have all of the ones that were not 1/1's some of which there were only a few signed of each like "Go Herd!" or "AB"...I have many of the xx/50's and ***/200's and a ton of the Bronze...but the Gold has been impossible for me to find...this is the ONLY one I've ever seen...and I was beginning to wonder if they were actually in the packs or if they all got held back or something...who knows...but I finally got it for $15 from a guy not far from where I live...amazing.