Strasburg auto!!


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Stopped by the card store to get one jumbo pack before work..

Half way in I see this

I almost did a backflip.. Also got a Bryan Mitchell refractor auto..

Strasburg is not available right now..



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Congrats on the great pull. You better get rid of that thing while he stuff is so insanely hot. When the new wears off and his chrome auto comes out, these will drop in price. You can always buy back cheaper then. ;)

tom szczygiel

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Myerburg311; really Nice Pull !!
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Even if he is going to be a wiz on the mound I am not paying that kind of money for some one that has not pitched one inning in the majors yet.
For me it is like the people that have to have the newest car on the market. 4 months later the car is several thousand cheaper. I would feel ripped off by my lack of paitence.