Success today 10-9-09...


5.00 star(s)
Today's return was:

Jim Gott
c/o Address in 'TTM Addresses'
sent: 9-29-09
rec'd: 10-9-09
5/5!! (offered a few for him to keep)

Also got this sweet Loney in from a great Bench member...

And also my wife surprised me with a box of cards today. She orders stuff from LTD and got this mystery box of baseball cards with various older packs, a complete 1982 kmart set, also a stack of various singles. Was going through the singles and found this beauty of a card. I see that he signs by the 2 success in the TTM Addresses section but they were in 07. Does anyone know if that is his correct address still and is he still signing? Thanks!!!



5.00 star(s)
great stuff congrats!!!! the mclish addy is still good the last return i could find was from 9/22/09 from that addy.... good luck...