Sun Times Show report

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Tony Kozelichki

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After not going to the last couple of Sun Times shows due to scheduling conflicts, I made it there today.

First, a vast upgrade over the summer Fansedge (I think that's what it's now called) show, even though I ended up making a great deal at the end of that day.

With Christmas around the corner and a college student to pay for, I didn't plan to spend much today.

Here's the haul...

Early 60's Cubs pennant, missing tip but otherwise a beauty for only $25. Debating whether to buy this or a nice full sized Rawlings store model Sandberg glove. Figure I can find one of those easier than a nice, old pennant.

1974 Fleer team board (for lack of a better word). I remember a store in my hometown having these back then. Got the Cubs (yellow background) for $2.

Newspaper printing plate of Don Nottebart, wearing a Cubs hat, from 1969, also only $2.

Picked up a 1952 Topps Gene Hermanski card (one crease, but otherwise very nice) in a dollar box.

2002 Cubs program, 1973 Baseball Digest (Kessinger) and 2001 Baseball Digest (Sosa), $6 for all three.

and, back in 86 after the Bears won the Super Bowl, WGN (my employee) and Sears teamed to produce a set of prints. I already had one autographed by Ditka, and Otis Wilson signed one that I still need to get Singletary, Hampton and Wilbur Marshall to sign. Today, I got one signed by William Perry ($29 auto fee) depicting him scoring a touchdown against the Packers (a game I attended). Sadly, I never got Payton to sign the print of him, so I'll never have a complete signed set. My son got the auto, said Perry was incredibly polite, shook his hand and said Fridge had the biggest hand he'd ever seen.

Anton picked up four Blackhawks pennants for a combined $10, one Hawks Stanley Cup print for $10 and a Stanley Cup flag for $20. Guess his dorm room will finally get something on its walls after he goes back next weekend.

Can't say I saw much that really knocked my socks off, so I can't say I left anything on a table that I really wanted. Quite a few guys there with dime and quarter boxes. Not sure how they ever pay for their tabe expenses with that stuff. Didn't look at any of them. Couldn't find any 2009 Topps Cub team sets or 2009 and 2010 Topps Update Cubs team sets. Probably could have picked through boxes to find the cards, but I'd rather just pay a little more and get them all in one full sweep. If anyone has these, let me know and well see if we can make a trade.

Didn't see any unique '69 Cubs, Ernie Banks or Ron Santo items for my personal collection.

No Bill Henderson. Anyone see him lately? Otherwise, most of the regular dealers were present, both local and national.

Fergie Jenkins set up a table and had Bill Buckner and Gaylord Perry there signing on behalf of JDRF. Sadly, I saw few takers. Anton said he saw Buckner in the afternoon walking the aisles, checking stuff out.

Next up is the Cubs Convention in January, although the economy and expense of setting up eliminated several dealers last year. Would love to get a Santo flag to go with the Banks I got a couple years back. Will also be on the lookout for more Micah Hoffpauir (wife's cousin) items, especially since he's headed to Japan. Expect prices on his stuff to plummet, as they usually do once a player is no longer on the team. I'd like to get a road jersey, batting helmet, cleats and batting gloves. Already have his home jersey, a couple of hats and a couple of bats (all game used).

March Sun Times Show will depend on what signers they have. This year's lineup was loaded. Check to see who was there.

Also, National this summer is in Chicago. I'll probably get a room at an adjoining hotel so I can spend a couple days on the floor.

David K.

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Thanks for the report! Its been years (about 3) since I been to a major card show! Might go to the Tri-Star production show in May in San Francisco! Best regards, David


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When I saw Bill H at the National; he was in the process of moving to Florida -- so until he "un-retires" expect to see a lot less of him