Supplies for Sale -- Toploaders,penny sleeves etc..

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Sep 30, 2002
New Jersey
I have some supplies for sale.

Penny Sleeves (100ct) $0.75
Re-Sealable Team Bags (100ct) $1.50
Regular Top Loaders (25ct) $1.25
Thick Top Loaders (25ct) $2.00

Ultra Pro single screwdown REAL THICK 100pt $1.00 each
Pro Mold single screwdown REAL THICK 120pt PC18II $1.00 each

Shipping to be included at actual shipping cost. Please remember shipping can be a killer and usually you can save money by placing bigger orders and opting for the flat rate shipping boxes.
Pete can you throw me together a flat rate box with the thick top loaders and penny sleeves? Im not sure how many fit in a box?

I can fit 12 packs each in the flat rate box....if you only want 6 packs of penny sleeves you can fit an additional pack of thick toploaders.


If you still have these available, I need the following.

(3) - ReSealable Team Bags (100ct) $1.50
(2) - Thick Top Loaders (25ct) $2.00
plus shipping to 63138

Post it up and I will send you paypal tonight after work. I can't get to the paypal site from work.

Dang ok thanks. If you happen to come across some 8x10 loaders and your going to sell them, please keep my in mind.
How much DLVD?

Regular Top Loaders (25ct) $1.25-2 packs
Thick Top Loaders (25ct) $2.00-2 packs-What is the point count on this?