Texans Collectors?


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I recently bought a collection that apparently was from a big Texans fan. I now have a TON of rookies, jersey cards, autos and low numbered stuff of Texans players. For a Texans collector, I imagine these cards would be very cool. These are almost all from the 2002-2010 years and all superstars had been removed, which from that time-frame basically translates to "no Andre Johnson and no JJ Watt". Lots of David Carr, some Mario Williams, Jabar Gaffney and guys like that.

There's a lot there so I figured I'd see if there was any interest before listing.

I'd be looking to trade for most star baseball or football rare-ish 90s inserts or semi-star rare inserts. Would consider Tom Brady, Kobe, Jordan or Trout. I would also consider trading up in your favor for anything else that I could use as trade bait.

Soooo, anyone want a list?
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