The Bench website for a mobile device...

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Mar 8, 2006
Riverview, FL
Ok so I do a good bit of traveling and when I'm waiting around I like to pull up the Bench on the old berry. If anyone has ever pulled a normal website on a mobile device its, well, less than enjoyable. My question/ suggestion would be to see is there any feasabilty in making a "mobile" version of the Bench for those of us that would use the site on their mobile device. I figure there would probably be additional cost and I'm sure a good bit of hours to set it up. Just throwing it out to the peanut gallery to query some feedback on the suggestion, thanks!
It's a good suggestion, and we can look into to.

P.S The site comes up fine on my IPHONE :)
Yeah it does come up fine on mine, just very small were I have to zoom in. Its just a little more convienient to navigate when its a site designed for a mobile device... Wait a tic, I just had an epiphany! We can create an app for that :D
actually on the iphone you can turn any website into an "app" (create a shortcut on your main screen).

I will do some research and see how much work is involved.
I typically use Opera Mini for 90% of my web browsing on my Blackberry, so it looks exactly like the site would on my computer. However, with such a small screen, all the scrolling can be a pain. However, the posts usually fit just within the viewing area (you just can't see the poster's names then).
Or how about this?

On facebook, they have this service that, when subscribed to, you can get text alerts for when someone posts on your wall, status ect. Is this possible for The Bench?

Robbie & Becka
I access the Bench on my blackberry nights and weekends (I'm generally only in front of a computer while in the office). I've gotten over the inconvenience of the smaller screen, and don't mind it. Actually an app would be great, but I'm fine without it.
On my iPhone it works great but I will say this...I leave the page open on my browser so it shows that I am "online" pretty much 24/7 which is not the case...i would imagine a mobile version might fix this problem.

Either way...I love The Bench!