The good old days,..

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Jan 15, 2008
Orion Arm
I use to run a card shop back in the mid 90's right before the internet really took off.My partners and I actually had a PC in the shop,Windows 98 I believe was the OP.
I remember having 15 to 20 boxes to choose from on the shelves with 9 showcases with cards to sell or trade.The shop was located right down the street from a elementary school and ballpark and the LL's would stream and buy packs for a buck,..

Those days seem a long time ago,.
We all have something to look back on and say those were the days. When you collect for more then 40 years and see the way things have changed. Not always so much for the better in my opinion. Only to think what is to come? Some wide eyes and other bummed it cost too much for there budget. Before it was more affordable to everyone, or too most. Today that is far from true. It has become a game of much higher cost and out of reach for many more then before. I think your bring out that point very clearly.
I remember getting $5 allowance for doing chores around the house and
going to my local shop every week to buy packs. Those were the good
ole days. Got quite a bit for $5 too.
I think we all have good ole days. Recently I re-acquired a starter set of 88 donruss that with the help of a friend I had started in 1988. And since returning Ive completed that set. Only took what 22 years? Or sitting around trading Eric Davis for Darryl Strawberry or Dale Murphy. Those where the big 3 in my neiborhood. I think there are the several hits and misses with the hobby today. Such as the flooding of the late 80s/early 90s to the high dollar extremely rare stuff of today.