the last few days 10/1-10/5


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Here's what I got the last few days:

Fri. 10/1
Riley Cooper 1/1 Eagles rookie wide receiver In-Person. one of my buddies met him in person and got me a photo signed.

Sat. 10/2 TTM
John Russell 5/5
John Wockenfuss 4/4
Del Unser 5/5

Mon. 10/4
Richie (Dick) Allen 8/8 In-Person at the Greg Luzinski show. I got him on my Phillies Veteran Stadium bat, 2 balls, an old Phillies program, and 4 cards.
I also got Greg to sign a jersey in which I donating to a benefit for a friend of my wife who has brain cancer, hopefully it could pull in some cash for her.

Vance Law 4/4 TTM

Chuck Bednarik
Ron Jaworski
Mike Golic
Chris Carter
Keith Byars

Tues. 10/5
Ricky Bottalico 4/4
Bill Campbell 3/3
Bobby Molinaro 4/4