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The Mini Pages - Is your guy featured?


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These are the kinds of things that as a kid, i would cut out of newspapers and save. I have always been a packrat when it comes to sports related items, but it was not until today that I found the archives for The Mini Page and they are free to search! I had cut out at least one of these (maybe more yet to be uncovered) and it has always been one of those super oddball items that I cherish. However, I have just today discovered that there are two more out there that I will likely never actually see, yet alone own. Oh well, that is the fun (and frustration) of collecting a player. For now I will have to settle for photocopies of the pages to go with my one original.

Check it out and see if your player was ever featured on a Gus Goodsport's Report or elsewhere within the Mini Pages.



5.00 star(s)
Hey Mr Mopar
you hit another home run with this article Thanks for sharing it with your fellow Benchies
I still keep one eye open for dodger stuff for you