The Rangers Caravan and Elvis...But Not The One You're Thinking Of


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Hey guys,
Yesterday I made a deal with my mom that if she would go with me to Frisco to get some Ranger autographs at their Caravan stop at Dr. Pepper Ballpark that i would go with her Elvis Impersonator concert at Bass Hall in Ft. Worth...I know....I have no idea what I was thinking. Ian Kinsler was definitely not worth all of that. Lol. So I figured that if I was going to have to go that I might as well make the best of it and get some autographs so I made her a custom of "Elvis" a.k.a. Kraig Parker. But the thing that got me is that there were more people in Kraig's autograph line than in Kinsler's (and Kinsler's line had about 500 or so people in it)...I'm sorry but that just doesn't make a whole ton of sense to me. So, anyway, here is what I got yesterday:

Picture taken after Ian Kinsler's 30th HR (also signed by David Murphy, now I just need Byrd and Gentry)

One of 3 Tommy Hunter photos we got signed (all the same so I just took a picture of one)

Ian Kinsler 08 A&G and Justin Smoak 09 Razor

David Murphy Cards

More David Murphy Cards

Tommy Hunter and Justin Smoak customs I made

Doug Mathis and Eric Hurley customs I made

Ugh. I forgot my Buechele stuff so I just had to get the sig cards

Ian Kinsler sig cards

Justin Smoak, Doug Mathis, and Eric Hurley sig cards

Mitch Moreland sig cards

Martin Perez sig cards

Then here are the pictures from the "Elvis" concert.

Pictures they passed out after the concert signed by Kraig and his back up singers "The Sweet Sensations." One is personalized to my mom and the other is personalized to me.

The customs I made

And here is some pictures we took with them...believe me I was not as thrilled as I look. Lol.

Idk. I wasn't at all thrilled about the whole experience but it made me happy that my mom was happy. :D

Thanks for looking!