TheHalk's TTM/IP Autos for trade or sell

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Jun 2, 2008
Tell me what you want and what you got for trade. Lets make some deals. If you have Astros, Rangers, Cowboys and Mavericks, 86 Topps Traded set autos even better. Will look at ttm trade lists!!! If you want to buy let me know who you want and I will shoot you my best price delivered.


2010 Bowman Mitch Moreland (Rangers)- bubbled
2009 Allen and Ginter David Murphy (Rangers)
2009 Topps Brandon Boggs (Rangers)
2009 Topps Ron Washington (Rangers)
2007 Topps Scott Feldman (Rangers)- bubbled sig
2007 Topps David Murphy (Redsoxs)
2007 Topps Ron Washington (Rangers)
2007 Bowman Draft Pick Certified Colton Williems (Nationals)
2007 Carolina League Gilbert de la Vara ( Wilmington BlueRocks)
2006 Topps Willie Eyre (Twins)
2006 Bowman Draft Pick Dustin Nippert (DiamondBacks)
2005 Topps Ryan Webb (A’s)
2005 Topps Total Jason Smith (Tigers)
2004 Topps Total Tyler Davidson (Mets)
2004 Topps Traded Michael Mooney (Giants)
2003 Donruss Tim Kalita (Tigers)
2003 Donruss Studio Adam Morrissey (A’s)
2002 Fleer Tradition Mike Crudale (Cards)
2001 Upper Deck Richard Lewis (Braves)
1999 Fleer Tradition Erik Sabel (D-Backs)
1999 SP Top Prospects Juan Sosa ( Salem Avalanche- rockies)
1998 Pacific Eddie Guardado (Twins)
1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Bob Wolcott (Mariners)
1996 Pinnacle Ernie Young (A’s)
1994 Topps Ed Vosberg (Athletics)
1994 Fleer Scott Service (Reds)
1994 Donruss Mike Mohler (A’s)
1993 Topps Skeeter Barnes (Tigers)
1993 Classic Best Chris Michalak (A’s)
1993 Fleer Doug Henry (Brewers)
1992 Upper Deck Andy Stankiewicz (Yankees)- John 14:6 inscription
1992 Upper Deck Julio Valera (Angels)
1992 Topps Joe Slusarski (A’s)
1992 Topps Scott Bailes (Angels)
1992 Score Joe Boever (Phillies)
1992 Score Paul Gibson (Tigers)
1992 Score Bobby Witt (Rangers)
1991 UD Pat Combs (Phillies)
1991 Topps Reggie Harris (A’s)
1991 Score Willie Blair (Blue Jays)
1991 Score Rick Parker (Giants)
1990 Topps Bud Harrelson (Mets)
1990 Topps Larry Sheets (Orioles)
1990 Topps Mike Bielecki (Cubs)
1990 Fleer Brad Komminsk (Indians)
1990 Fleer Pete Incaviglia (Rangers)
1990 Donruss Ted Power (Cardinals)
1989 Upper Deck Pete Incaviglia (Rangers)
1989 Score Chris James (Phillies)
1989 Score Bill Wegman (Brewers)
1989 Topps Jim Clancy (Blue Jays)
1989 Donruss Brian Fisher (Pirates}
1988 Donruss Richard Dotson(Whitesoxs)
1988 Topps Mark Knudson (Brewers)
1988 Topps Bobby Witt (Rangers)
1988 Score Jeff Reed (Expos)
1987 Topps Ron Washington (Twins)
1986 Topps Ron Washington (Twins)
1986 Topps Traded Tim Teufel (Mets)
1986 Topps Traded Franklin Stubbs (Dodgers)
1986 Donruss Bobby Doerr (Red Sox)
1985 Topps Ron Washington (Twins)
Doug Jones Bible Card (A’s)


89-90 Hoops Kenny Walker (Knicks)


08-09 Victory Mike Ribiero (Stars)
08-09 Upper Deck Trevor Daley (Stars)
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Do you need Franklin Stubbs for your 86T traded set? If so I have him and would trade it for the 89D you have. I also could use the Marty Barrett you have. I will get you a list this weekend (that's one of my projects for the weekend LOL).
i would definitely trade the stubbs for stubbs and just let me know what else you have for the barrett
here's my trade list:

Doug Slaten TTM auto 07 UD
Jeff Robinson TTM auto 87 topps
Ned Garver TTM auto 53 reprint
2007 UD autofacts Hector Gimenez auto (astros!)
1999 SP authentic signature edition Carlos Febles auto

2003 Topps Total signatures Todd bauman auto

want these:
either Moehler auto
the Ted power auto
the Gene Pentz auto
the Dan Schatzeder auto

i can't unfortunately. Can we maybe trade the Garver for say the 97 Moehler? lmk or post if you're okay with it