This is Why Players Won't Sign!

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Yes, partially true. The seller won't likely get it, unless Miles were to die during the listing time.

That is an extreme case, but some players may not be receptive to TTM requests, especially those sending multiple cards in a single request, even if they are getting $2-3 a pop. This would be especially true if players sign for free.

Of course, this is a chance for older players to make a few extra dollars for themselves or a favorite charity, but I believe some that due push it. Common players asking $10-20 per signature is a bit much, but you never know when people are going to pay it if they really need it! I need a 1984 Topps Ron Kittle and just found out recently directly from Ron that he has only signed that particular card since it was issued, for a $25 donation to his charity! I wonder if ANY were signed w/o the donation, because I have only seen 1 listed on ebay, ever!

I still look back fondly at the one and only fee I paid for a TTM. It was Eddie Matthews after I read an article in Beckett that he charged $2/card. For a 500 HR and HOF member, that would have been a bargain all day, but it was awesome that he was only looking for $2. I sent off 3 cards and was done. I still have all three. I don't know what he did with the money, but I'm sure great free signers like Doerr, Feller and the likes would be respected just the same if they charged a small fee.