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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
I have been giving this some real thought. The threads should be used not to communicate to the member willing to trade. Their means of commincation should be by PM. This way those boards don't get several pages deep and make it hard to follow up on every thread you answered. Memebers not being on at the same time makes it easy for both parties involved I think. You contact said member by placing a PM and that starts the negotiations alone. That onus should be put on the person putting the merchandise out for trade or sale. Sometimes trying to go back to the thread you answered seems endless. If I am sent a PM I am happy it's easy to find and not cumbersome to respond too either. I know for those trading a 190 per month it might be impossible. But that in the minority of the members on the bench. So we inconvience the majority? That is totally opposite of reality. I know again where there is good there is bad. I am only voicing my opinion on making it easier then this feelings at times as you're chasing your tail. LMK people what is good for you?
Thanks for your eyes.
I think people that like to trade via pm will trade via pm and people like myself who like to trade on threads will trade on threads..
I think personal preference will always win over.

One thing that really bugs me is the person who will type (or cut/paste more likely) some huge list. You'll race through it trying to be one of the first to respond to "claim" what you want and then get a response (with no other posts on the thread yet, mind you) like "Sorry, it's gone already". Really...where did it go???

I like to see the deals unfolding in cases like that and feel a bit cheated to lose dibs to PM transactions I can't see, but that is life. If the seller would post a status on pending cards where no posts exist or update the list, that would make it easier, such as "Apodaca auto no longer available".
if this site goes to only trade negotiations via PM, I would have to leave... when you have many trades brewing at the same time, have 10-15 unread PMs can get confusing... I like threads, and when they get to long, just close them and start a new one.
I prefer PM's. I rarely check back on my threads if ever, but I always post "Please contact via PM for fastest response", so the PMer's usually get the trade first. But, again, it is personal preference.

This is similar to the bucket vs. list. I prefer a well organized bucket any day of the week, as long as the picture is decent I don't even need a description. As for lists, I can ctrl+f to find what I need, but most of the time I won't even do that.
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