Tips for posting trades

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Oct 7, 2005
Northwest Washington
Hello, everyone.

Most of you probably know me pretty well by now. I've been a member for almost two years. I became a HOFer in 3 mos and haven't looked back since although trading has slowed down dramatically.

Last December I was asked to be a Mod and have enjoyed it quite a bit.

There is only one thing that surprises me here and that is how people post their trades.

Here is an example of how not to do it. And, no I am not exaggerating I have seen trades this poorly posted.
avgjoe33-Receives-an adam dunn gu card
hendufreak8457-Receives-an barry larkin gu card

I'm sure it's no accident that the trades that we consistently have the most problems with are the ones that contain the lest amount of information.

Simply put. The more information placed into the TM the less margin for error.
Here is an example of one of mine (not that I'm so great)
worldwideed-Receives-2006 Topps Turkey Red Gold Raul Ibanez
Sent in a padded mailer.

yankee1992-Recieves-2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics Francisco Liriano Jersey
2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Ryan Howard 90 #5/29
Sent in padded mailer

Ok now there is now doubt as to what is coming in the mail and how it is getting there. The only way this one could go bad is if a trader really drops the ball and doesn't send or sends a damaged card.

Personally, I like to post my own deals. I can put in the Condition (if I'm worried about it) and the shipping method. If I have not discussed shipping method with the other user I will simply put in what I think is best and when the other user confirms the deal he is agreeing to the shipping method as well.

I would also recommend as much condition detail as possible when trading vintage. And why not list the #'s when trading a stack of commons to a set collector. So, 1995 Topps #'s 9,12,34,45,78,123,246 is much better than 1995 Topps lot.

Ok, that is all for now (steps off of soapbox, takes a deep breath).
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Maybe there should be an box in the Trade Manager and make it madatory to check off the box that has the method you are sending by. IF the person ships poorly, mark them down.

I sort of understand the desire for a (shipping method) box but I just don't think is is necessary, no more necessary than a box for the year or brand. Traders SHOULD agree to terms before hand. Providing a box takes some of the dialog out of the trade, which is bad.
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Here is another gem. I'm just not shocked that this is a bad trade.

trader 38 Receives:
A Reds card

trader 76 Receives:
197 - Nick Blackburn

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

If you don't put any care into how you post a trade why are you going to put any care into how you package or if/when you send. Conversely, if someone else posts a deal like this why on earth would you no click reject and repost the deal?
Now that's bad! At least keep some PMs regarding discussed details to help the moderators, some of us setbuilders have no choice but to just say 53 - 2004 Topps, 11 - 2003 Topps, and 11 - 2004 Cracker Jack as there just isn't enough room in Trade Manager.