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Went to Space Center Houston for the STS-129 Astronaut debriefing. These are a lot of fun, even for those who aren't big into science. They always show a film of the mission on the big IMAX screen, and often times there is a lot of wise cracking during the presentations, and during the Q&A. Today was no exception. They all had a great sense of humor. Got to meet the crew of STS-129, (Charles Hobaugh, Barry Wilmore, Michael Foreman, Randy Bresnik, Leland Melvin, and Robert Satcher) and they signed my Space Shuttle book, which now has close to 40-different Shuttle Astronaut sigs, and a crew photo for my daughter, who wanted to cook brownies with her mom tonight.

There won't be many more opportunities to catch a Shuttle debriefing, as only 5 more missions are scheduled, and they will be retiring the orbiters, so it was well worth the visit to Space Center Houston to catch a bit of space history. Speaking of which, you also get into Space Center Houston for a great price when they do these...FREE! Okay, you only get to see the exhibits, but that is the best part of the visit. They had the 40th Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing exhibit on display today. Got to see Pete Conrad's space suit used for his Apollo 12 moonwalk, and Michael Collin's decontamination suit from Apollo 11, among other highlights. Stuff you don't normally see every day. I would recommend it if you are ever in Houston when they are having one of these.

On a sports note, Astronaut Leland Melvin was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1986, and was also in camp with the Dallas Cowboys and theToronto Argos.
Very nice, congrats.

I have an astronaut collection as well that I did in the mid 90's. Only was able to get one crew photo with one of the astronaut's who died in the re-entry crash. Forget which mission it was from. As well as some nice letters & notes from some of them.

I hope that I can make it to see at least one liftoff before they end the missions.
That was AWESOME!! We were in Miami on a cruise ship when the last Shuttle lifted off. Our deck waiter told us sometimes you can see it from the ship, but it was kind of overcast, so on tv was all I saw of it. Congrats on the great time.