Today Reminded Me Why We Seek Autographs

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
I got a huge reality check in my mailbox today. It hit me as i was opening my returns today that TTMing and autograph seeking in general has everything that we want from life, everything that makes life beautiful. There is the cliche thrill of victory and the agony of defeat but there is also suspense and intrigue, and even occurrences that some people would call small miracles. But the best part is getting to make someone's day by showing someone that they haven't been forgotten for all they achieved. And they, in turn, get to make yours by signing a few autographs for someone who appreciates their work in its purest form. There are 4 gentlemen who helped make my day today and I sincerely hope that I made theirs.

Jeff Kent 2/2 c/o Honda Dealership in 86 days


Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish 2/2 c/o Home in 6 days (10/20 for my custom Legends set)


Tito Francona 2/2 c/o Home in 6 days (11/20 for my Legends set)


Hal Naragon 3/2 c/o Home in 23 days (this success sparked the pennicle of those feelings listed above. I was really touched by the note he wrote me. What a great guy!) (12/20 for my Legends set)



Thanx for looking!
Wow, super! I have a Hal Naragon 1957 Topps card, I should write him. Real nice note he wrote you, and it's great that you made him feel honored.
It is cool when you get that kind of personalized response. I made a nice custom for Rod Gaspar, and when he returned it, he asked me to send him another copy for himself; so I printed up four more and stuck them back in the mail for him.