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Bob Oliver 2/2 2 weeks
1716 G Street
Rio Linda, CA 95673

Thanks for the addy for him, Ron!

When I was a young boy, just learning about the game of baseball, the Royals were a brand new team in the American League West. Now, I have always been an Astros fan, but the Royals were also a fun team to watch when they came out of the gate in 1969. Bob Oliver was one of the Royals first hitting stars. He went 6-for-6 in a game in may 1969, and in 1970 he almost became the first Royal to knock in 100 runs, when he finished the season with 99 RBI's and 27 HR's. That was a lot in 1970. Bob never again reached those numbers, but for one summer, he was the King in Kansas City. It was really nice getting those two cards signed. I only saw him play a couple of times on television in 1970, and yes, he homered in both games. Good memories.