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I mailed this out in early June 2008, and they came back home, signed, today...

Wilbur Wood 2/2 2 years 3 months (1970 & 1976 Topps)
c/o home
Wow, nice one Jim. Gotta love those long waits coming back. Times like these you need a scanner :p

Thanks, Andrew! One of these days I'm going to have to get around to hooking this thing up & downloading the software for it.

Wood was the last of the real workhorses in baseball. As a reliever in the '60's, he set the record for games pitched, that was ultimately broken by Wayne Granger and Mike Marshall. As a starter, he was one of the most dominant pitchers in the game from 1971-1974. The knuckleballer once won two games in one day, and also was the last to start both games of a doubleheader. Wood's days as a dominant starter in the AL came to a close when a Ron LeFlore line drive shattered his kneecap in a game early in the '76 campaign. Wood returned and pitched for a couple of more seasons but was never the same.
nice job, Jim...Wood had quite a run there in the 70s. Great return