Daryle Lamonica 1/1 1 week (1970 Topps)
c/o home

When I was a kid Lamonica and Unitas were my two favorite QB's. Lamonica simply knew how to win. When he came into the AFL with the Bills in the early '60's, he backed up Jack Kemp, earning the knickname "The Fireman," when he built a solid reputation for coming into games Kemp was injured and pulling out a win. The Bills won two AFL Championships with Lamonica as back up. Al Davis took note of his productivity and traded his starting QB to Buffalo for Lamonica. In Oakland, Lamonica earned the knickname "The Mad Bomber," and led the Raiders to their first Super Bowl, and earned two AFL MVP Awards in Oakland: 1967 and 1969 (which he shared with Namath).

Lamonica has been an ellusive signer over the years. I have tried sending to Mr. Lamonica every year for the past 16 years, and this is my first success with him. Very pleased to see this in the mailbox today!:D


5.00 star(s)
I can't say I wouda kept trying after a few failures, it shows persistence pays off. nice success.