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Charlie Joiner 1/1 1 week (1981 Topps )
16935 W Bernardo Dr, Ste 107
San Diego, CA 92127

Met Joiner for the first time when I was a kid in the early '70's. The Oilers were pretty bad back then, and I didn't know much about Joiner, at the time, except that he was a pretty good receiver. He was doing a department store signing with Ron Pritchard, who also used to moonlight as a wrestler on Houston Wrestling in the off season. Joiner spent a lot of time with each kid in line. He seemed like a really good person. Even my dad, who was not a sports fan, became a Charlie Joiner fan that day. I remember the day he heard the Oilers traded Joiner to the Bengals, my dad said, "Idiots. They don't what they had." How right he was! After he left Houston and Cincinnatti, he really made a name for himself in the Chargers offense. Joiner is still a class act! Thanks Mr. Joiner!
great job, Jim!! I loved watching Air Coryell as a youth