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This post really got me thinking. I really thought why I liked autographs so much and because of that I'm going to start this new project. I realized that autographs are more than just ink on a page, they're a story and the autographs I tend to like most, have a great story to go along with them. It's not about how much it's worth to anyone else, it's about how much it's worth to you. That's why I don't really see the point in buying scribbles like this. These autos mean so much more to me because they took their time to write their full name and I also have a cool story and Q&A to go along with it. Some of the players on this list of the oldest living baseball players have long since been forgotten by most, but I want to show them and make their day by letting them know that their moment in the limelight hasn't been forgotten and it still interesting to a young autograph seeker years later. If you would like to send them one, I have a few made up, and I can make anyone else you would like of these customs. I have some other autos that I got today, but I'm going to save those for another post. Thanks for reading!

Red Borom


Alex Pitko


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Nice stuff Jesse, indeed remembering the "unsung heroes" of days past is one of the main reasons I embarked on my collection of Jewish players. Always nice reading about your successes. Best, Rob.


Terrific successes! I love Red Borom's comment about the Nat's knuckleballer. Rick Ferrell had to catch all of them, and I heard he made that look easy. That had to have been the toughest season behind the plate for any catcher.