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Ever get a boo-boo and have your mom put "alcohol" on it? That's Isopropyl Alcohol.

If you have ever gotten a shot or blood drawn, those wipes they use on the area effected are soaked in it, too.
Take a piece of packing tape/scotch tape/strapping tape and stick it to the residue on the top loader and pull the tape off. Do this till the residue come off and then throw the piece of tape off with the residue.
I do not use any alcohol or stuff like that. I am afriad a little will be left on the top loader and it could cause damage, so what I do peel off all the tape as much as I can, then use my finger and rub the tape residue off as much as I can, then take an old sock, and the ridges wipe the rest off. makes for a sore hand/wrist, but it avoids using any type of chemical.
go to the dollar store or walmart and buy some goo gone. wet the edge of a folded up paper towel with it and use your finger to wipe it off. it is also useful for many other things.
Try dryer sheets.Some say used work,but I've found
a un-used works really well.
Of course,you'll have to wash off the residue.
There is also available at hardware or paint stores a product called "Goof-Off" it works for me. Some toploaders are too far gone to bother though.

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