David K.

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I have a few that I can mail to you. Some have tape on them....That I tried to remove.......a reason why I use rubber bands. Most are single card holders....But I have a few extra 100 points which I can throw in......4 top loaders that are 100 points and about 10 regular top loaders (one card)....I can post the trade tomorrow....U can mail a few twin cards in trade for the top loaders...Any twin cards will do...not picky. Best regards, David PS two bubble envelopes with the above top loaders will go out tomorrow.


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I would be interested in purchasing one box of new top loaders regular size. That's what I will need to protect my purple chrome set (10 to go) abd some incoming. Thanks. Dave

To clean top loaders you might try using a used fabric softener sheet. But it's not easy.